Dancefulness for creativity and leadership has some important aims. The first one is to engage the disengaged and connect the disconnected due to the covid pandemic. Being inclusion a key element, we will build an inter-modal methodology that links dance with mindfulness applied psychology in order to promote creativity and leadership in adults. The methodology will work for those three key aspects: emotions, cognition, and social skills in order to foster both creativity and leadership.

The digital aspect is also crucial, as we will develop an online course and we will use “video learning pills” techniques. Fighting against gender discrimination will be also another crucial element as we are going to create an inclusive environment supported by the dance companies. Accordingly, personal diversity will be reinforced by creativity in the same way that creativity is reinforced by diversity.

Transnational approach

Dancefulness revolves around a very innovative approach. Accordingly, it needs the concordance of different actors with very different backgrounds. So, only a true combination of partners with years of experience in the field can drive to success. As a combination of education, psychology, dance, mindfulness, leadership techniques, e-learning and “video learning pills”, it needs expertise from different fields through Europe. Best practices from around Europe are also needed. Different perspectives and angles are compulsory for this holistic project that works in the path of Gardner’s (1983) multiple intelligences. Accordingly, we have merged the experience of different European partners to build up this innovative project. All partners are highly experienced in this very specific field. 

The online course will be based on the results from IO1- Research.
The online course will be developed with some theory and mainly with practical cases to stress the practical approach of the course.
The course will be structured in 5 training modules:
● Application of dance in adult education. How to use dance as
an attraction element for adult’s education.
● Connecting dance and mindfulness to develop both
● Dance and positive psychology: practical exercises. Dance is an interconnection activity. Accordingly, dance is a way to
express behaviors and interactions. The positive psychology 
will act with the behaviours that will arise while dancing in
order to train participants. In that way, it is real learning by
doing in positive psychology.
● Dance as a tool for skills development. After building the
connection dance+mindfulness+positive psychology, we will
use it to teach creativity and leadership within the dance
activity. Accordingly, the dancing activity will be used through
the whole process as an underlying tool.
Dance as a tool for skills development II. A second module
exploring other skills that can be developed through dance
programs such as team group or communication.
● Local heritages and the European identity: Finally, using dance
heritage, participants will learn the importance of preserving
the European dance heritage and how to enhance the
European identity.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to download the
contents in PDF format, so they can use it as a teachers’ book and
consult the materials at their convenience. This will also help the
partnership to ensure the materials are re-used and the project has
better impact.