R.E.D. Project 


Our project will talk about fragility-rare disease-bullying-cyberbullying in the health emergency era.
When we talk about young people's fragility, there is no distinction between effects and causes. The fragility creates discomfort, anxiety, depression, and loneliness and degenerates into isolation without return, especially in a historical moment where the social texture does not offer identified objectives, and the numbers lead to consider the problem a social emergency especially at school age.

“A rare disease is a disease that rarely occurs in the general population” causing a healthcare emergency. Due to its rarity and to the several grades of severity, the rare disease can be considered a feature creating fragility and discrimination in so many contexts, beginning from the school to the social environment. Rare disease causes fragility – not only to patients but for all familiar – but in our contemporary world, everybody can be considered fragile. This can be considered a common fragility in the contemporary world. From this point of view, we can consider that every youth is fragile in the scholarship peri                



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