KA220-HED-F8D51393, Higher Education
Responding to Heatwaves in the Older People Ecosystem

HOPE: E-learning for students
  • The e-learning will be built up with text, and illustrations (video, pictures, and stories) based on the experiences and cases of the participating (associated) partners in the project and assignments. There will be attention to the comparison between different situations, especially in the assignments. This will stimulate users of the e-learning to understand the impact of the context on how to address heat-related health problems.
  • The presentation of the e-learning will contain visual materials, as part of so-called blended learning. This will result in a better ‘sticking’ of the knowledge gained 
  • The result will be cross-country learning and the exchange of knowledge between the partners and disciplines.
  • As the e-learning is in English it will be easy to use in the countries involved. After finishing the development of the e-learning, it will be easily accessible to other interested parties.



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