Our members represented Greece in various international events. Each of them has a different useful experience which, we are sure, is contributing to our success and good results, of course, can be useful in your project as well. We have an active network of persons in our region and especially in the Cyclades. They are always ready to share their experience and good practices in every project, help to involve young people into workshops, discussions and all project programs.

Miltos Sakellariou, the President of the KOINSEP CYCLADES studied Biology in Greece at the University of Patras and made research at the Institute of Ethology “La Montagne des Singes” in France. He has completed postgraduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Middlesex University, specializing in Addictions and Family Therapy. He has specialized in Systemic - Dialectic Psychosocial Approach and Team Process Work, as well as in the animation of young people from AKMA. He has worked at the Athens School of Medicine, Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology. The object was the study of the operation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) in terms of Behavior and Biochemistry, the pharmacodynamics of drug groups used in psychiatry, and drugs leading to drug abuse. He has been working in hospitals, schools, in Greece, in Africa on a voluntary basis with Médecins Sans Frontières. Participation in mission with Médecins sans Frontières in northern Uganda.

He had worked as Prevention Counsellor in Addictions, with advisory groups of parents, teachers and teenagers at the "Cyclades Prevention Center of Drugs abuses’’ Public Entity-Ministry of Health.  In 2002, he created and undertook the training and co-ordination of the mixed (parents-teen-educators) theatrical group of FEREKIDIS till now. The theatrical group with drama therapy and teamwork techniques wrote scenarios that were present to the Apollo Theater of Syros and were also presented at the International Youth Theater Festival in Grenoble, France.

The last 6 years was the Director of the Youth Counseling Station of the Cyclades Prefecture, Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. At the same period was the Anti-bullying Coordinator, at the Observatory of the Greek Ministry of Education on Violence In School, at the Regional Directorate of Education of the South Aegean.

He has been appointed member and General Secretary of the Board since 2015, of the Society for the Protection of Child Abuse of the Court οf Appeal Aegean District, (EPA Syros-Public Entity), providing services as a Social Service, for the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Justice.  Actually, he participates in the multidisciplinary Team as Prevention Counsellor in Addictions, of the EPA Syros, consisting of psychiatrist/child psychiatrist, health visitor, psychologists, social workers, Representative of the School Community in order to provide effective psychosocial support to minors and their families environment.

He is Chairman of the Board and founding member of the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades –ALTERA VITA. He has the responsibility, of the application, management, and coordination of the EU ALTERA VITA’S projects.

 Project managers/ youth workers/ facilitators

 Lena KaragianniEducator, teacher of Chemist, a youth worker for years. Facilitator and trainer, non-formal education expert, international, and youth mobility. She speaks fluent English and French. She always keens on youth work and youth policy; deals with the Social Cooperative of Cyclades since its founding, and is an active member of the Board, and manages the bureaucratic and administrative part of the Cooperative. 

 Yannis Daskos:  Founding Member and General Secretary of ALTERA VITA, Teacher of Mathematics, and Physics, coach, student counsellor.

He deals with young people and youth policies as well as having expertise in administrative and legal matters. Agricultural manager grows of our plant cultivations of Aromatic plants in our fields.

 Leonardos Palaiologos: Work and experience in EU projects since 1995 with ANADRASIS –NGO in Syros. For more than 15 years engaged in youth work in youth participation and human rights education. Is a professional who is in close contact with the sending organization during the whole mobility process. Arrange the insurance required for mobility travel (tickets, health, and accident).

 Aggeliki Sakellariou:  The last years engaged in youth work in youth participation and human rights education. She has participated in many international activities under the Erasmus + and Youth in Action programs as a trainee and an active member of the theatrical team of ALTERA VITA. She works as a Facilitator with YE mobility projects, speaks fluent English and has significant social skills. She studies Occupation Therapy at the University of West Attica in Athens and she has a certificate as a trainee finishing the Annual Program (2019-2020) in Special Education, from the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (E.E.P.E.K.) in collaboration with the University of Thessaly. She has successfully attended seminars on "Psychological First Aid Training" and "First Help Training & Surviving ". She is volunteering for STEPS since May 2020 as a street- worker. Also, she is participating as a volunteer in ART-TOGETHER (Very Special Arts Hellas) in the "physical improvisation" group which includes dancers with and/or without disabilities. It's the only group of "inclusion" that concludes not only people with or without physical disabilities but also people with mental problems. Finally, she has been attending dance lessons for 14 years and is planning after her university studies to work as a dance-therapist.

 Miranda Daskou: Biologist,  youth worker having experience in mobility, with previous contacts with organizations abroad, and having knowledge of institutions and occupational groups in the area, as well as the means to contact them.  She gained experience in Youth Work through local and international projects of non-formal education; she has participated in numerous activities abroad under Erasmus + programs. She speaks fluent English and French. Welcome the participants in the host country and provide personal support to the participant in crisis situations.

 Antonia SakellariouElectrical and the Computer Engineering, University of Thessaly.

She actively participates in scientific conferences and has presented a research publication. She has participated in the Erasmus + Youth Exchange programs.

Active sailing athlete in the Nautical Club of Syros for over a decade with much participation in Panhellenic, Regional, and Intercollegiate Championships. Through sailing, she has developed a special relationship with the sea ​​and the natural environment and wants to transmit her love for it to the young people. She's got to help voluntarily organize many sailing races by the Syros Nautical Club.

She has the responsibility of our Traditional Sailing School.

 Pavlos Aimoniotis: Pavlos is an Electrical and Computer Engineer. He has participated in multiple projects, since his early university years, through research laboratories and activities. He owns a publication of a conference paper and for the past years, he has been working on software technologies on computer systems. He has been involved in learning platforms and technologies and is an electronic learning coordinator with experience in creating e-learning websites in organizations. He has participated in Erasmus + Youth Exchange programs and has been a volunteer at local festivals multiple years. Responsible for technology services that AlteraVita provides as Social Cooperative Enterprise and for server administration and smooth operation.

Anthi Androvitsanea: Psychologist - EKPA Athens, postgraduate studies in health promotion and education, Medical school of Athens. Erasmus studies at the University of Aix-Marseille in Marseille, an internship with Erasmus at the Cyprus Institute of Psychotherapy. Participation in other Erasmus + programs as well as volunteer at the LG Aegean Ball Festival in Syros. She can bring to the program her knowledge of the importance of outdoor activities in health promotion.

Margarita - Anna Papakyprianou: Biologist continues with postgraduate studies in stem cells and regenerative medicine. Erasmus studies at Szczecin West Pomeranian University. She is certified at first aid and lifeguard. Since 2019 he has been working with the Erasmus Student Network AUTH. Athlete for 8 years in a Water Polo team.

Maria Vakondiou: Lawyer - AUTh. Erasmus studies at the University of Maastricht. He has participated in 2 Erasmus + in Italy and Serbia. He does a master's degree in Tourism and Local Development at AUTh. Has been a volunteer at the LG Aegean Ball Festival and at a children's camp. Can contribute to the program with knowledge of the history and culture of Syros.

Eleftheria Pouftsi: She is studying occupational therapy at the University of West Attica recently participated as a trainee in the department of pediatric psychiatry at the General Hospital of Athens "Gennimata". It has worked volunteered at the Archelon - Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece and has been trained to maintain the wildlife in Zakynthos. He has participated in the E-twinning program "Knowing me, I know you" and in one twinning program with an intercultural high school in Shapes, Rodopi. She's got to attend drawing and painting classes Interested in physical protection, social challenges, refugee integration, empathy, and interaction with minorities through culture and art.

Daskou Mikaela: Pedagogical student of Primary education of Volos. He has been playing volleyball for 8 years often sports in nature. An active member of the theatrical group. She was a volunteer in children's activities camp in Syros.

Mikaela Kapela: Student of Primary Education of Volos. It deals with the design, it's environmental awareness, and often sports in nature. She was a volunteer in activities children's camp in Syros.

Glezos Giannis: Computer student in Athens. He is engaged in painting, swimming, and outdoor


Natalia Xenaki: She is studying nutrition and dietetics at the University of Peloponnese. Interested in exercise and well-being and in the program can impart her knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

  With the ERASMUS + programs are involved also other members of the KOINSEP CYCLADES- ALTERA VITA, Social Workers, Psychologists, teachers,  ICT specialists,  youth workers.

We have the Quality Label from European Solidarity Corps as Hosting and Sending Organization. We plan to involve in our activities volunteers.

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