Mobility projects for youth workers

Under this Action1, organisations can receive support to carry out projects comprising one or more learning activities for the professional development and capacity building of youth workers and their organisations.

 More specifically, Mobility projects for youth workers aim to:
Provide non-formal and informal learning opportunities for the educational and professional development of youth workers, contributing to high-quality individual practice as well as to the evolution of youth work organisations and systems;
Build a community of youth workers that can support the quality of projects and activities for young people in EU programmes and beyond.
Develop local youth work practices and contribute to capacity building for quality youth work of the participants and their organisation, having a clear impact on the participating youth workers' regular work with young people.

ALTERA VITA organizes domestic and transnational training courses on a wide range of topics. It has vast experience in the management and coordination of European projects. It supports youth and mobility activities in a wide range of sectors related to education & training. We organize training courses onsite, online or through blended methods.         Our distance learning system is based on the use of our e-Learning MOODLE platform.

Experts with special knowledge, experience and training in their subject offer the opportunity for trainees to follow a flexible program to increase social and professional changes in areas such as the Social Economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, new technologies.

Social Cooperative of Cyclades
Kepos-Manna, 84100 Syros