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European Solidarity Corps – Solidarity Projects ESC31-03F52913

Syros, like all the Aegean islands, is scattered by paths connecting old settlements or leading to points with water, suitable for cultivation or watering of animals or finally, on beautiful and isolated beaches. These paths were occasionally walked by small groups of adults aiming at contact with nature.

In these meetings, however, there were rarely young people.

Especially the northern part of Syros, which is a protected area by the European NATURA programme.

Through the programme we propose, we will be able to highlight at the local, national and European level the uniqueness of the ecosystem of Syros, to create a group of young people who will voluntarily contribute to various ways (printing pathways, flora and fauna as well as implementing environmental awareness and education actions).To set the conditions for subsequent actions through transnational voluntary actions in cooperation with local bodies and local authorities.

Our relationship with Syros is decisive in the general course of our lives as well as in the principles and values carved in the area of the Cyclades.

The implementation of the programme will offer participants the opportunity to:

  • To make use of their free time in a pleasant and creative way.

  • Get to know the area where they live, its beauties and its problems, its flora and fauna.

  • Get to know their peers better and discuss with them the issues that concern them.

  • To help in their relationships with others and with themselves, to keep good moments, experiences, knowledge and finally urge others to take such actions.

  • To realise their abilities and strengths so that they can “reliance on their feet”.

  • Learn to love, respect, and protect the environment.

  • Get to know the history, the culture of the place that hosts them.

  • Get to know the traditions of their country on the occasion of the history of the trails, through interviews that will be conducted by the older people of the island.

  • To present their work with dashboards, photos and videos in the local community, about the paths and the creation of an interactive tool on the Internet, describing this process of raising awareness among themselves and the local community.

  • To create a special website as well as electronic interactive tools through an app to present the uniqueness of the environment of Syros and especially their paths and their connection with social, cultural and historical data.

  • To create remote educational tools for awareness, education and worksheets for young instigators, educators, and volunteers who would like to work experientially with groups of young people in corresponding programs.

In the production of educational materials, we plan to be in English in order to contribute to the promotion of unique fauna and flora to other young people from other countries through the publicity that will receive the results of our action.

The development of environmental tourism is an added value to the mild development of our country that aims at well-being.

Social Cooperative of Cyclades
Kepos-Manna, 84100 Syros 
E-mail: alteravitacyclades@gmail.com