Online course for adult learners about DigComp competence 4: safety.

Following the digital competence framework, developed by the EC, this training module will cover the competencies to protect devices and digital content and to understand risks and

threats in digital environments: to know about safety and security measures and to have due regard to reliability and privacy.

The course will be structured in modules as follows:

1.1. Protecting devices

1.2. Protecting personal data and privacy

1.3. Protecting health and well-being

1.4. Protecting the environment

The training module will pay special attention to the following topics, to focus the main topics of the course on psychological aspects of cybersecurity:

a) Psychological behavior and its effects (health effects)– it’s not the same as protecting personal data and privacy.

● Bullying, hating, negative vibe

● Self-presenting, comparing, presenting untrue info about myself and others

● manipulation

● Attention economy / dopamine addiction

b) Harmful behavior – what are the effects of my harmful behavior on my cybersecurity

● What kind of websites do I visit (f.e. ultra-right, porn/child porn, dark web, etc...)

● Illegal download

● How to protect others and the consequences of harming third parties rights: pictures and their sharing (f.e. naked pictures)

Adult learners with basic or no digital skills need to set the basis to develop them. 

And the first step must be to assure their safety while using ICT technologies and digital tools. 

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